McCormick Spices

HARVEY has partnered with McCormick Spice for 30+ years to design and execute point-of-sale and promotional materials across multiple divisions including spices, retail, and McCormick for Chefs.

Services: Design, wall production, in-store displays, asset management, shopper tools, promotions, package design, style guide, sales materials


Through an understanding of retail constraints, consumer behavior, and fixture trends, HARVEY developed an interactive, gravity-fed merchandising fixture creating an uncluttered shopping experience while allowing more efficient stocking experience for the retailer


McCormick Gourmet Spice flavor center in retail grocery isles

Style Guide

Executional style guide sets the standard for McCormick’s retail presence

Trade Marketing

Banners and collateral celebrating McCormick spices and flavors at industry events and trade shows


Thematic and on-premise seasonally themed promotions drive trial and brand engagement