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Manischewitz macaroons have always been a hit during Passover, but as the holiday wound down, so did their popularity. Our challenge was to broaden appeal and keep the treat top-of-mind beyond the holiday.

Focusing on activating millennial moms and kids, we married social media’s obsession with quirky-creative, "insta" worthy foods and offbeat holidays to build a campaign celebrating an endless list of reasons to keep Manischewitz macaroons in their hearts, minds and pantries. We elevated enagement with a series of off-beat social media how-to’s showcasing outlandish #manimac characters that were fun and easy to create, share and enjoy. We drove high levels of both trial and engagement by encouraging families to create their own unique characters and share them them online via a sweepstakes and interactive microsite experience.

What we did
Manischewitz Manimacs contest on website for organic and paid social media marketing Manischewitz Manimacs Macaroons marketing campaign design for Extraterrestrial Abduction Day
5 million Ad impressions
500K Video views
13,000 Contest votes
Manischewitz Manimacs Alien Abduction Day video still
Manischewitz Manimacs National Mustache Day video still. Click to play!
Manischewitz coconut macaroons social media campaign titled Too good to passover for Penguin Awareness Day
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