Goetze's Candy Goetze's Candy

Goetze's Candy

HARVEY partnered with Baltimore-area candy manufacturer, Geoetze’s to conceptualize a range of package, collateral, and event materials

Services: Package design, display design, event collateral and apparel, promotions, video

Goetze's - Pull Some Tale


HARVEY developed the "Pull Some Tale" rally chant and animation for Cow Tales to be played at key moments on the jumbotron during the national NTPA championship events as part of the Cow Tales NTPA sponsorship.


Design and outfitting of Goetze’s event activation staff

Package Design

HARVEY created two distinct package desings for live, in-market testing of Goetze's new product line


Goetze’s Cowtail tumbler serves as a bulk distribution package for 100 candy pieces as well as a lasting keepsake

Corporate Gifting

Two specialty gift boxes designed for corporate gifting and special promotions