Bubbles Hair Salon Bubbles Hair Salon

Bubbles Hair Salon

HARVEY led a repositioning of the BUBBLES Salons brand as a destination where passionate stylists consistently deliver fresh, true-to-you looks that ignite your style and inspire confidence. Brand creative reinvigorated BUBBLES Salons’ brand positioning pillars through the “Make it Pop" campaign.

Services: Brand re-launch and strategy, website redesign, video production and deployment, print campaign, out-of-home media, digital, custom photography, and social media campaigns

Let's try something new Let's try something new
Website Website


Website redesign delivers a mix of inspiration and information through intuitive navigation allowing for increased booking conversions and product sales

Mobile Optimization

Responsive site design and improved user experience increased engagement among a younger target audience

Mobile Optimization


An energetic brand video combining moments of playful confidence, seasonal style inspiration, and graphic pops of color for a fun and vibrant visual identity


Key Stats


Year-over-year performance and key statistics

Success Success Success
Digital Digital


Robust campaign across Google Display Network, updated monthly to align with in-salon offers

Banners Banners
Out-of-Home Out-of-Home


Advertising in DC metro rail stations

Print & Style Guide


Full-page ads in Baltimore and NoVA Magazines

Style Guide

Comprehensive style guide sets the standard for BUBBLES Salons’ savvy and spunky brand personality