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Bubbles Salons

Make it pop.


Bubbles Salons lives between Hair Cuttery and Salon Cielo in Ratner Companies portfolio of nearly 1000 salons. Lost in an uninspired sea of sameness, the brand needed to redefine its look to attract a new generation of salon goers.

We crafted a refreshed identity and voice that embodied the confidence that comes from owing your own individualized beauty. Combining moments of playful confidence, empowering phrases and graphic pops of color we able to create a fun and vibrant identity that was also uniquely Bubbles.

What we did
Bubbles Salon Make it POP Marketing Campaign by Harvey Agency Bubbles Salon promotional advertisement design for location grand opening
25 million Consumers reached
30% Increase in average time on site
60% More page views
Bubbles Salon Make it POP video still. Click image to play.
Bubbles Salon website redesign project. Featuring their new home page
Bubbles Salon new brand and bag design by Harvey Agency
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