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Looking to boost your company’s revenue with paid digital marketing campaigns? No matter what your marketing goals are, Harvey can help. We help our partners boost brand awareness, amplify their reach and maximize their content through a wide variety of digital marketing campaigns:

According to Salesforce, by 2021 digital marketing efforts will account for 75% of any given organization’s total marketing budget. With this in mind, every company should have a balance of organic and paid marketing efforts as part of their digital marketing strategy.

For over 30 years, Harvey has helped our partners strategize and execute marketing campaigns that increase brand awareness and drive engagement. We would love to do it for you!

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Also known as:

Implementing and managing your search engine marketing efforts can be a confusing and time-consuming process. When SEO just isn’t enough, search engine marketing (SEM) can turbo-charge your website’s ranking on top search engines such as Google and Bing.

As a Baltimore, Maryland-based industry leader in paid search advertising, Harvey Agency can help remove the guess work that comes with paid search marketing:

We help our partners apply best practices when configuring and organizing their initial Google AdWords account. We also perform keyword research and planning to maximize your brand’s visibility in search engines.

We’ll work with you step-by-step to determine your goals and help create advertisements that get clicked.

Going once, going twice, SOLD! To stay competitive, you need to adjust your keyword bids multiple times throughout the week. Our SEM experts make sure we stay within your monthly budget, while remaining competitive with our first-page bids.

At the end of each month, we provide you with an account of every dollar spent on paid search advertising, as well as advice on where and how to pivot based on the trends we see. We’ll walk you through every KPI to ensure your money is going towards delivering a positive ROI.

Whether you are looking to acquire new customers, retarget previous website visitors, or drive mobile app downloads, our search engine marketing experts can help every step of the way.

Programmatic Display Advertising

Ready to promote your company beyond search engines and social media? Programmatic display advertising promotes your display advertisements across hundreds of different websites.

Have a niche audience? Our bidding software will automatically find websites that fit your audiences’ interests and promote your banner ads at just the right time. Powered by machine learning, programmatic display bidding algorithms are constantly learning which time of day, websites, and geographies are generating the best response rates for your ads.

This automated form of advertising applies real-time bidding on advertisements to maximize results for your campaigns without any manual effort. Programmatic display advertising takes the trial-and-error stage out of the equation, meaning less resources are wasted learning who, what, when and where your ads should be placed.

Video Advertising

It’s a fact: your audience will learn more about you and your products or services from a video advertisement than they will from a static display or text advertisement. Video advertising enriches your company’s brand and encourages user engagement.

With over 5 billion videos being watched on YouTube every day, there is an incredible opportunity to promote your company’s brand at exactly the right time. With many video advertising options, you only pay when people watch your ad, so your marketing dollars are always associated with audience engagement.

Mobile App Installs

Got an App? Our Mobile App Install campaigns drive qualitative and quantitative app downloads for any operating system. As of 2018, there are over 2.1 million apps available on Google Play, and about 2 million apps on the App Store. In this competitive landscape of apps for everything, it’s time to make your company’s app stand out among the rest.

Start fueling your monthly active user (MAU) counts and retain high quality customers that will use your app more frequently than your desktop-only users. More users are downloading apps every day. It’s time to start positioning your company’s app at the top of the App Store or Google Play whenever people are searching for apps just like yours.

With our paid media options, we can help you identify how to optimize your campaigns by refining your:

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