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Harvey offers best-in-class solutions on-shelf and online

The Harvey Agency is a branding and design firm providing clients with breakthrough creative and a comprehensive list of services including web design and development, packaging design, print, social media and most everything in between.

Packaging Design

Whether you have an established consumer product whose packaging design is feeling stale on shelf, or you’re looking to bring an innovative new product to market to battle the big guys, Harvey helps CPG (consumer package goods) brands of all shapes and sizes connect with consumers via our award-winning packaging design services.

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Digital Marketing

Modern brands demand modern marketing solutions. At Harvey, we offer clients a wide variety of best-in-class digital marketing services including SEO, marketing automation, paid media, digital analytics, email marketing and more.

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Creative Design

Great design can and should form emotional bonds between your brand and consumers, ultimately inspiring consumer action. This often means higher rates of brand recall, stronger sales and deep brand loyalty. At Harvey, we help brands communicate their story and get them noticed with our design solutions.

Our design services include branding, digital and print advertising, rich media, logo design, packaging design and more. With so many places for your brand live, we make sure your marketing efforts shine on everywhere from on-shelf, instore, online, mobile, and across social media platforms.

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Web Design & Development

A website is often among the first touchpoints a brand makes with consumers. Harvey’s website design and development services identify ideal solutions for your brand, your industry and your consumers to weave together a seamless user experience that’s optimized for conversions and performance. With our mobile-first approach, we help modernize brands across all devices and platforms.

Web Services

ADA Compliance

With website accessibility lawsuits rapidly on the rise for companies of all sizes, we work to protect our clients’, and their consumers’, by ensuring all web projects we build account for ADA Compliance requirements. We stay up-to-date on regulatory standards to help keep your site accessible and your company out of legal battles. Contact us today if you have any questions or concerns around WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) or ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act)!

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At Harvey, we focus on retail and e-commerce. Our thoughtfully designed digital shopping experiences and revenue generating plans are crafted to optimize conversions and meet even the most ambitious e-commerce sales goals. From planning, SEO, UX/UI, analytics, testing and ongoing consultation, our e-commerce soutions can help grow your direct-to-consumer channel and your bottom line. With expertise in Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento, Harvey can help you determine the best platform for your business or work to improve your current e-commerce site.

Social Media

We believe a successful social media strategy concentrates on building brand awareness, engaging with communities, and driving traffic to your website that ultimately leads to conversions or other preferred actions. By applying social media best practices and analyzing performance metrics, we help our clients create new connections with consumers.

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In-Store/Retail Marketing

For nearly 35 years, Harvey has been helping clients of all shapes and sizes win in retail. Be it through assisting with new product sell-in at major retailers, to stopping shoppers in their tracks to inspire purchase, our decades of wide-ranging partnerships including companies like Procter & Gamble and disruptive start-ups, have resulted in a toolbox of proven approaches to consumer psychology and shopper-based design. Whether in-store or online, we support brands with unique strategies and creative executions for POS/POP displays, promotional displays, sales decks, and merchandising solutions designed to drive real-world results.


While some agencies believe in recycled or off-the-shelf quick fixes, we know the impact and value of providing custom-fit solutions for your company’s unique situation. Contact us today and share the challenges your brand or product is facing. We’re ready to get to work helping you get to where you want to be.

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