Marking New Territory at The Global Pet Expo

Mar 29, 2022 | Rick Bowman Global Pet Expo

We found some of the best new products at this year's Global Pet Expo. Check out some of our favorites.

Treatibles CBD Treats

The therapeutic properties of CBD have taken the CPG world by storm in recent years. Pet products are no different. Vernon Roach talks to us about how their pet treats help bring calm, balance, and ease by addressing pet anxiety, pain, and mobility-with both NASC and USDA certifications.

Brands like Treatibles are dramatically altering the quality of life for health-conscious consumers and their pets by both providing broad access to safe alternatives and educating the public on the benefits of cannabis and hemp.

Pixi Smart Home Pet Feeders

Jeff San Souci, from Hagen Group, showed us some new smart home pet care tech launched by their brand, Catit®. Their Pixi Smart Feeder and Pixi Smart Fountain use a dedicated app that can be controlled via Wi-Fi. It’s fully programmable and monitors activity when in use. Enabling notifications sends messages at important times, when the reservoir is nearly empty or the filter needs replacing.

The transition for many from WFH to in-person brings some anxieties that may be mitigated with wi-fi enabled products like a digita-pet-sitter. Users can program thier cat’s feedings, prevent binge eating with portion control, and even prevent sickness with thier UV-C bacterian and virus sterilization–all while stuck in a meeting that should have been an email.

Paikka Pet Wear

Poorly made or throw-away-quality dog garments are the norm in big box pet stores and boutiques alike. Paikka is here to change that.

They create human-grade solutions to make every moment outside more enjoyable for pets. Last year Business Insider chose PAIKKA UV & Bug Shirt as best protective dog clothing of the exhibition. Their dog shirts are treated with UV protection (UPF 50+) blocking harmful UV rays. In addition, the shirts are made from extremely comfortable, lightweight and quick-drying material. Their prints also serve as a natural bug repellant as it disturbs flying insects and makes it harder to make a controlled landing. Cool, right? Fashion imitating nature.

We chatted with CEO Tea Kainu about their new line of fashion rain coats and uncovered a hidden secret-woven directly into the fabric.

NoBL Pet Food Bars

Guardian Pet Food makes health and wellness foods for pets. Their NoBL® concept disrupts the way we feed our pets by packaging each serving of food as a bar—similar to what we know as a meal replacement. Their products are sourced, produced and packaged sustainably. When people think of sustainability, they typically focus on packaging, but it's so much more than that. Sustainability encompasses the ingredients, packaging material, shipping, manufacturing and even digestibility of the food your pet consumes. NoBL has taken the entire product ecosystem into account.

As tested by a third-party lab, their canine food bars were shown to be more than 90% digestible (kibble is between 60-90%). For example, if your dog eats one 2oz. bar, it has been shown that 1.862oz will be digested and used by the dog. This leaves 0.138 ounces in urine and fecal matter. The daily feeding requirement will vary based on their food but on average it will be about 10.5 ounces of food, which equates to 2.1oz. in urine and fecal matter—more than 45lbs. of waste in one year! We spoke with Jim Gillespie, their founder and CEO, who gave us an overview of what NoBL is all about.

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