How Pet Brands are Standing Out With Consumers

May 29, 2022 | Kory McCann Lady at a pet store with her pet.

Here’s how 8 pet brands are differentiating
themselves in the market.

One question:

Why should pet owners care about your brand?

It’s an honest question that encourages some serious brand soul-searching. To answer the question, you have to ask a few more questions. Sorry, life is a series of questions. At least these have answers:

What makes you different?


Does your difference matter?

Whether it’s the quality of ingredients you use, your commitment to sustainability, commitment, or your approach to innovation, you’ve got to be able to connect what makes you special to what makes consumers care.

We chatted with eight emerging pet brands at the Global Pet Expo in March. Here’s how they’re differentiating their brands ->

Features commentary from:
Logical Brands - Playology – Jeff Siddiqi
Guardian Pet Food - Jim Galovski
North Coast Seafoods - Jon Wooner
Chicken Soup for the Soul – Jim Simplot
Hillside Farms – Scott Wu
Hagen Group - Jeff San Souci
Paikka - Tea Kainu
Treatibles - Vernon Roach

Wondering how to make consumers care?

Let’s talk. After 35 years working with some of the biggest brands in the world, from Covergirl to Stanley Black & Decker, we’ve developed a Brand Activation Strategy that does more than help you stand out on-shelf and online. We’ll help you earn your place in the consumer conversation by:

If you refuse to let your brand simply blend in to the pack, we’d like to meet you.


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