Harvey Wins Gold & Silver Addys

Mar 8, 2022 | Rick Bowman Screen Shot 2022-03-15 at 9.43.16 AM

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The Addy’s have come and gone this year and Harvey is proud and honored to have left with a couple of awards. These awards represent the late nights, the many cups of coffee, and the hard work that the team has put into these selected works.

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Integrated Media Campaign for Hark Week

For the week leading up to Christmas, we offered up limited edition “Hark Week” NFTs on the Etherium blockchain. All proceeds from the sales went to support the National Aquarium in Baltimore, who also offered up some membership perks to the winners. To promote the NFT sale, we put together some Baltimore-centric gift bags with our “Hark Week” themed holiday card.

Silver ADDY

Harvey Agency Social Media

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Matt McDermott

AAF Silver Medal Award

Matt McDermott, President & CEO, Harvey Agency

While teamwork makes the dream work, we wouldn't be anywhere without out President & CEO Matt McDermott. At the ceremony, the AAFB announced the recipients of its prestigious individual achievement awards which he deservingly was awarded.

While we take the time to reflect on 2021 and all of our accomplishments, we look forward to the coming year. More projects, more clients, more teamwork, and of course more coffee...and doughnuts...and pizza...and probably some sort of physical activity...maybe.


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