Harvey Celebrates National Women's Small Business Month

Oct 15, 2019 | Anthony Frasca Lauren and Dune

We’re rolling into the last quarter of the year, and the team at Harvey is starting things off with a celebration. October is National Women’s Small Business month, and as a WBENC-certified woman-owned small business, we’re joining the chorus of over 12 million #WomenOwned businesses to sing to our collective success.

This month we’re taking a moment to reflect on how it all got started here at Harvey.

A Woman with #Purpose

Being an artist is more than mocking up sketches and having an active imagination. It’s about discipline. It’s about being rejected. It’s about putting yourself out there in front of strangers and hoping someone finds meaning in what you’re doing. It takes failing countless times until you’ve landed on something that you and others look at and inexplicably say, “this is it.” Being an artist is about making connections.

Rose and Lauren

At her core, Kathy Harvey is an artist. Always failing forward, her mission has been to create beautiful things for herself and others to connect on. She loves working with artists and generously offers help to those who emulate the same discipline it took for her to be successful in business.

Her encouragement, generosity and support knows no bounds. Mahmoud Gebril, Founder and President of Osiris Tours, attributes his personal and professional success to Kathy when she offered to help him obtain his MBA and start his own tourism company. “If it wasn’t for Kathy, I don’t think I would have ever done it all. She saw something in me that I would have never been able to find on my own. Kathy is the best person I have ever met in my life. She loves to help everyone and she helped me a lot. I’m so grateful that I got to meet someone who is simply amazing like Kathy.” Mahmoud is only one example, but every day, Kathy lends support and guidance to all of her employees, especially younger professionals, to encourage them to be more than who they are.

Straight out of MICA with entrepreneurial passion and determination, Kathy sought to motivate and promote women in a then male-dominated business realm. Being one of three sisters, she decided to start her own company in 1986, which was appropriately called “Harvey & Daughters.”

Sue and Kathy

Kathy’s spirit didn’t end with the name of her new company either. With her new, woman-fueled creative agency, she went after the big fish in her own Baltimore-based back yard: McCormick and Covergirl. How did she win these nationwide names as clients? For Kathy, it was simple: relationships. For over 33-years, the Harvey Agency continues to work with these industry leaders by maintaining and growing these relationships while always delivering above client expectations.

Relationships don’t end with our clients either. As an active advocate for animal communities both local and around the world, donation matching, fundraising initiatives, and partnerships with Harvey have brought thousands of dollars and loads of exposure to non-profits like BARCS, WWF, Save the Chimps, and Pets on Wheels to name a few. This not only gives us all the warm fuzzies for doing the right thing, but also keeps us in contact with the invaluable community partners who help drive our success and keep us grounded to our core values.

Let’s Build a Connection

Does your brand resonate with purpose? Does it vibe with ours? Let’s talk. We’re ready to put 33-years of excellence to work for you and help build connections with your customers. Reach out to us at Harvey today, and follow us on Instagram and Facebook as we rally behind National Women’s Small Business Month throughout October and share insight into what it means to be a small, WBENC-certified business with a big purpose.


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