Ad Agency Creates Limited-Edition NFTs to Benefit Ocean Conservation

Dec 13, 2021 | Gabbi Edgerson hark-week-header

Harvey introduces a new holiday, Hark Week, as part of the effort

Baltimore consumer experience and creative agency Harvey has released a series of limited-edition non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to support the National Aquarium’s conservation mission. As part of the agency’s newly created holiday, Hark Week, the NFTs feature mashups of shark and holiday memes.

As defined by Crypto platform Coinbase, NFTs are “a special kind of cryptoasset in which each token is unique — as opposed to “fungible” assets like Bitcoin and dollar bills, which are all worth exactly the same amount.” NFT are unique, allowing them to be used to verify ownership of digital assets like artworks, recordings, and a wide range of other virtual assets.”

Hark Week uses pop artwork created by the agency’s Senior Art Director Rick Bowman to capture the fun of the holidays and the fascination with the sea’s apex predator. “This was our chance to create a tongue-in-cheek mash-up that taps into the excitement (and suspense) of this time of year while giving back to the institution that brings so much awareness to the world’s aquatic treasures.”

Purchase of each NFT includes not only exclusive ownership of the digital asset but also unlocks additional perks, including a free Ocean Ambassador membership from the National Aquarium and a gift bag from Harvey featuring products from clients of past and present: Flying Dog Brewery, Michele’s Granola, Goetze candies, and more.

“The last two years have really bitten the big one thanks to pandemics and politics,” said Harvey President and CEO Matt McDermott. “We figured, why not come up with a new holiday that uses what’s relevant in tech now to do a little good.”

“Plus, sharks are f***** cool,” he added.

To ensure scarcity, only four individual NFTs were minted on the Polygon blockchain. Harvey chose Polygon because it is a more eco-friendly option compared to the most popular alternative, Ethereum, which requires significantly more energy to process transactions. The NFTs are available for sale now through Christmas Eve on the platform.

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